Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed on Skype anywhere anytime. Also Memorize Quran. Our service is for those kids and adults who cannot go to Islamic centers to learn the Quran due to any reason. It is for all age people, especially for kids. it is not a new concept, as it is one of the dynamic distance learning tools. It is more effective than the face to face learning. We use Skype for voice and visual communication, that creates an interactive one on one session which makes the learning process much better than the live in person. The Quran teacher gives good instructions and helps you and your kids to learn the Holy Quran with very interesting way. We offer 3 free online Quran classes .You can take Free Trial Classes before you sign up. All you need is one computer/laptop/iPad/tablet and a good and stable internet connection and one headset.

It is very important to Start Quran learning from very basic level. Because it enables you to recite with basic Tajweed skills. For that purpose Elementary Book (traditional Qaida) is designed. After going through this Elementary Book you will be able to recite the holy Quran by yourself In Sha Allah . Following is the brief course outline.

  1. Alqalqala
  2. The heavy and light letters.
  3. Ruling of RAA letter being heavy or light.
  4. Rules of Noon Saakinah and Tanween.
  5. Tanween.
  6. Iqlaab.
  7. Idghaam.
  8. Ikhfaa Haqiqi.
  9. Rules of Laam.
  10. Al-Madd.
  11. Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping).

Our teachers know how to go lesson by lesson and take student to the level whereupon he/she can recite the holy Quran by his/herself. Let’s have a free trial class today!